We Are Fami-Lee

We Are Fami-Lee

Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm feeling very accomplished today. And that is saying something because usually I feel like a lazy bum with NOTHING to do and NO motivation to do it even if I do have things to do!

All I did to make this day successful was take a trip to Wal*Mart and the Dollar Store. I've been wanting to get some organizing done in this house of mine for awhile now and I've been searching Pinterest for good ideas on how to make life more livable and organized. I have also been wanting to start making a 72-hour emergency kit. So at Wal*Mart I bought huge storage bins (only 10 bucks each, whoohoo!), pantry organizers, and other odd's-n-ends. At the Dollar Store I spent $50 on emergency preparedness things.

Now all I need to do is start organizing with all my fun things.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday School

For several years, I haven't really enjoyed Sunday School as much as I thought I should. It was definitely the most boring of the 3 hours of church and at first I never really thought much of it. But recently, I've wanted to get a better overall experience at church so I decided that I would start reading the lesson before hand (what a concept, right?). In college, when I was prepared, classes seemed to be so much better, I was able to participate and I got more out of each class. I figured it would be the same way. But I think I've figured out what bugs me about Sunday School. Sorry if this offends anyone.

When I think of Sunday School, I think of studying the scriptures. That's what we are there to do right? Every year it's a new book and we go through that book chapter by chapter every week. The way that our manuals are written, we usually don't talk about the scriptures all that much; instead we focus on the principles and doctrines that are being taught. I have often heard Derek say that this is the reason he has a hard time with Sunday School, but mine goes a bit further.

I feel like when I have spent time reading and studying before Sunday School to be prepared for a lesson, and then we talk about things that aren't even (in my opinion) in the assigned reading, I have nothing to prepare for. How am I supposed to know that we are going to be talking about some principle just because one word in the scripture reading that week was mentioned? I kind of feel cheated when I get to Sunday School and all we talk about are the principles that the instructor (or maybe it's the manual) thinks are important for us to learn. It feels like the instructor gets all of this time to study and learn things and this is what I got from it, so enjoy. Instead, I want us to read the scriptures together, study together, and discuss together. Instead of having an instructor tell me what I should get out of it. Does this make sense? I don't mind if we end up talking about the principles and doctrines contained in the verses, but I want to do it together. Again, I don't want someone to tell me what to get out of it. We are all different, and we may all get something different out of certain scripture passages so we should be able to share those things. Instead, we just sit there and don't even read any scriptures, so no one has a chance to share what they have gotten out of it. I think yesterday, we read a total of 3 scripture passages (usually just one verse) and 2 of them weren't even in our assigned reading. I don't know, I just get a little frustrated sometimes.

Does anyone else feel this way, or (as Matt would say) am I a total nut bag?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I had a great birthday yesterday. I went out to lunch downtown with Gary, Judi, Jen and Derek. Then Judi took me shopping to buy some maternity clothes. We also got a new stroller and car seat. When we got home, Derek took me out to dinner to a place called Joey's and then we spent the rest of the night watching 30 Rock (what Derek got me for my birthday:)

I just wanted to share a little bit about my mater
nity c
lothes shopping experience yesterday. IT WAS AWESOME!!! After spending a lifetime trying to buy clothes that would hide my tummy and never having very much success from store to store because of my little "problem area," this was the fi
rst time that I looked good in almost everything I tried on because I was trying to accentuate said "problem area." It was amazing! I practically tried on the whole store and it was tons of fun.

I made Derek take pictures as I did a little "Fashion Show" this afternoon. What am I? 12?

I really like these sweaters that hang down. I'm pretty sure I will wear all of these after baby is born!

In other related news: I'm feeling like I'm getting larger by the day, and the fact that I still have 17 weeks left scares me a little. At this rate, I really will be the size of a boat! At least it'll make me warm in my first Canadian winter!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


In my dream last night, Derek died in a car accident. I was told (by who? I don't know) that I could choose one time, ONE TIME, that I could call him in heaven and talk to him.

Life kind of went on, I went to school (I'm not sure why I didn't picture a baby in my future life, maybe because I don't actually have one right now), I started dating this guy and I kept comparing him to Derek. He just wasn't good enough. Nice, sure. But not good enough.

I was sitting in a class and just starting crying hysterically. I ran to the bathroom and decided to use my one phone call. I called and Derek answered and I told him how much I missed him and how I was dating this guy but I couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't HIM! He tried to tell me everything was going to be OK, that he wanted me to date other guys and that he LOVED heaven (that was the funniest part of the dream).

I woke up and just started bawling. Even now as I write this, tears are welling up in my eyes. I'm trying to think that the meaning of the dream was to be more grateful for Derek and not for me to get ready for his death...

Truly, I am so completely lucky and blessed. To have someone like Derek in my life is the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined. He is EVERYTHING!!! How in the world did I get so lucky?

Love you, doll!