We Are Fami-Lee

We Are Fami-Lee

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Girl and Her Elephant--11 Months

Excuse me, what?  Did I just write that? 11 months? Where has the time gone?  Here are the elephant pictures:

This month has been an incredible one when it comes to milestones. Biggest one?  Walking!  She took her first step the day before her 10 month birthday and since then, she's been working hard to take more and more.  And she's gotten GOOD!!!  It's so weird to me because she used to make so much noise when she was crawling up behind me and now, I can turn around and there she is.  She's like a little ninja.

I don't know if this is normal behavior, but she started pulling herself up without support AFTER she started walking, but that's a big milestone too.  When she first started walking, whenever she'd fall, she'd just crawl the rest of the way.  But, now that she can stand up in the middle of the room, she prefers to get up and walk.  She's slowly dropping the crawl and I just can't believe it.

She got her first TOOTH!!!  Finally!  It was definitely a painful time for the both of us, but it passed.  3 days later I thought she was getting her second, but I couldn't tell for sure.  I've looked and felt but it all looked and felt like just one.  I was finally able to get a good look today and there is definitely a second tooth poking through.  Not as much, but it's there.

She's also started clapping in the last couple days.  Grandma Lee has been playing pat-a-cake with her whenever she sees her and I think that's helped.  Just yesterday, she started getting really good at it and actually making noise when her hands come together.  Before, she'd miss her hands a lot, even though she was trying!

Samantha has now learned how to say "no." Not verbally, but by physically shaking her head.  It's cute, except when it's not!

She's growing more hair.  You wouldn't notice it if you don't see her all the time, but I notice it, so that's all that matters!

Samantha loves to pull things out but isn't too keen to put them back in.  Our house is covered with toys because I can't keep up.  Typical of most households, I'm sure!  She also finds toys out of really random things.  She loves hangers, her tylenol bottle (it has a soft syringe thing on the top that she likes chewing when she's teething), pushing her high chair everywhere, sucking on her socks/shoes, paper (man does she love the crinkling of paper.  I'm not sure how much paper she has ingested, but she's definitely had some!), and ANY kind of (safe) kitchen utensil/container, etc.

This girl loves to sing and dance.  She'll "lalala" right along with the music as she sways and bounces.  So cute!  She talks a lot too.  She tries to mimic words and she'll talk to herself all the time.  She'll be playing by the window talking to herself and all of a sudden get SO EXCITED and started squealing in delight.  Man, I love this girl!

And can I mention how much she LOVES daddy?  And how much daddy LOVES her?  When he gets home both of them have the biggest smiles and they play and play together until dinner and bedtime.  Best part of my day, that's for sure!  I love seeing them together.

We were able to celebrate American Thanksgiving with Derek's family down in Palm Springs.  It was a much needed break from an early winter here and Samantha finally got to meet her new cousin Andrew.  The only family members she still needs to meet are her Uncle Tyler, Aunt Chelsea and cousin Grace and I cannot tell you how excited we are to see them in a few weeks!!!

There are a crazy amount of photos here.  They uploaded in a weird order, and I was too lazy to fix it.  Enjoy.

Bundled up with a red nose and all. 

Ready to brave the winter. 

She NEVER snuggles so I'm glad we got this on camera!

Samantha and her cousins Andrew and Elizabeth. 

I love how they're both looking at each other here.  Trying to figure it all out!

Happy girl. 

Hmmm. What next?

Giving daddy kisses.  Also glad we got this gem on camera!

MY FAVORITE PICTURE!!! Samantha yelling at Andrew, Andrew getting his feelings hurt by it (can you blame him?), and Elizabeth just in the middle of it all with a happy smile on her face!

Sometimes, she's a weirdy!

Hot tubbing.

Cousin bath time!

Swimming on the alligator with daddy!

This girl has no fear.  She was crawling in the pool all week we were at Palm Springs.  

Trying for a wave.  No success. 

Testing the waters. 

She loved playing with this waterfall!

My cute little family. 

C'mon. She's so cute!

Samantha LOVED the carousel.  She cried when it was over and daddy took her off. 

Hanging at the Living Desert in our summer clothes in Palm Springs! 

Had to capture this one.  Her mouth is STUFFED with bananas and she can't wait to stuff the rest in. 

How we found her sleeping one day. 

That toy looks good.  I want it.  

Uh-oh! (Don't worry I was just out of camera shot ready to grab her when she needed it!)

Playing with daddy on a Saturday morning. 

This is her hurdler stance and her happy dance.  

Following daddy wherever he goes. 

Told you.  Total weirdy. 

Sitting on Santa's Lap

On Saturday, we took Samantha to see Santa for the first time.  We ended up going to Northland mall because we heard it had short lines and we could take our own pictures.  So, off we went on a Saturday afternoon.  And we didn't have to wait AT ALL!!!  We had so much time with no one in line behind us that I was able to gradually get Sam accustomed to Santa so she didn't scream her pretty little head off in the pictures (although I do think that does make for pretty funny pictures!).  She just sat there, looking from Santa to me, Santa to me, Santa to me.  Didn't cry.  Didn't smile.  Just stared! Santa did pretty much the same thing.  He was OLD but he had a real beard and we didn't have to wait in line, so it was worth it.  

If you look closely, Santa MAY have fallen asleep here...

Unsure but not crying

Santa's kind of creepy looking, but Samantha makes up for that!

I love this one because it captures how she just kept looking back and forth trying to figure out what in the world was going on. 

She just might be done here. 

I was sure she was going to be very upset but she did great.  I wonder how next year will go!