We Are Fami-Lee

We Are Fami-Lee

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Girl and Her Elephant--13 Months

Unfortunately, I didn't take as many pictures of Samantha this month.  Oops.  But, what pictures don't say all her new tricks will!

Samantha has been busy learning new things each and every day!!!

She has a lot more words she can say.  Dada has now become daddy (when she was first learning the "e" sound, she would say "da-da-y." Pretty cute.) Mama is Mummy, puh-puh (puppy) has become puppy, and buh-buh is finally baby.  She can say "hi" now and she gets LOTS of practice saying it.  She will say hi to anyone and won't stop if you indulge her with a "hi" back! She also says "bye" while waving, but it sounds more like "buh-eye"

She can cluck like a chicken and she LOVES barking like a puppy.  Anytime she hears a puppy, she'll bark with it.  She can also do a horse sound by flapping her lips together.

Last month, I mentioned she would shake her head vehemently when she didn't want something, but now she can actually say "no."  She doesn't typically do it at the right time but it's kind of cute nonetheless.  She says "no no" while wagging her little finger.  I don't know where she gets that, because I'm pretty sure I've never wagged my finger at her.  Does anyone do that anymore?

She calls her sippy cup something very interesting; I'm not sure I can describe it here.  She sticks her tongue out back and forth while making noise.  Not sure how that became sippy cup, but at least we know what she's talking about.

Along with knowing how to sign "please," she's now learned "more" and "all done."  Grandpa Lee loves when she says "please."  He has said numerous times that he can't say no to a baby that can say please.  Little does he know how much she understands and takes in; she's going to milk that grandpa for all he's worth!

Samantha's finally weaned.  She hasn't nursed since last Wednesday (almost a week) and has finally taken to both cow and goat milk.  She drinks way more of that milk than she ever did of breast milk, so maybe she'll chunk up now.  Who knows?

I might say it every time, but I love this stage.  She's getting more and more affectionate.  She'll give us kisses and cuddles when we ask for it (occasionally) and her sweet little voice calling for us melts our hearts Every Time!

I love finding her sitting and reading a book in her crib after a nap.  And I love when she'll bring me a book and squawk at me until I read it to her!

I love how she runs away from me, looking behind her with a big grin on her face, begging me to chase her.

I love her giggle when I finally catch up to her, snatch her up and give her major kisses.

I love giving her milk before nap and bedtime as she sprawls across my lap.

I love how she looks at me mischievously when she's doing something she's not supposed to.

I love how she reaches up opening and closing her hands, asking me to pick her up.

I love how she tries to mimic words that we say.

I love the look on her face when daddy comes home.  She grins from ear to ear and runs to him!

I love how she turns over and runs away as we try and change her diaper (okay, I don't love it every time, but seeing a naked little baby running around the house is pretty hilarious!)

I love how she says hi to everyone.

I love how friendly she is.  How she's not scared of strangers.  It's very endearing.

I love how many people tell me how cute/adorable/funny/smart/etc. that she is.  I already know it, but I love hearing complete strangers tell me.

I love everything about this sweet little girl I get to call my own.

Cutest outfit EVER!! The shoes are little kitties too and they weren't even part of the outfit.  Neither was the bow. 

Perfect running shot!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cutie Pie!

Daddy and Samantha on Daddy's 30th Birthday (Feb. 3, 2013)

Valentine's breakfast! Yum!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Derek turned 30 on Feb. 3.  I had been wanting to throw him a surprise party since September, so I did.

And it was a complete success.

Either he is a little on the dense side or I am a really good liar and could get away with a LOT more, because I told some pretty funny lies.

I was planning to do all the last minute stuff on Friday but somehow I really hurt my back and was down for the count.  Derek had to stay home to watch Samantha so my plans were shot.  It made for some interesting lies.  Like, how do I leave with 4L of ice cream?  How do I explain a GIANT cake from Costco for the two of us?  How do I then get that giant cake into the car to take to the party when he thinks we're going out to a fancy restaurant?  I don't know how I pulled it off.  I must be a lie-telling genius!

Look of happy surprise

I got you!

Samantha was also surprised, but not as thrilled as Daddy!

Lovely guests at the party, waiting to surprise him. 

More guests enjoying themselves.  Especially Jason.

Samantha helping daddy blow out the candles.  

Happy 30th, Derek!  Hope it's a day you'll remember forever!