We Are Fami-Lee

We Are Fami-Lee

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Girl and Her Teddy Bear--4 Months

Baby is 4 months old already.  I can't get over that.  But, as it was with Samantha, it just keeps getting better and better.  Sure, I miss the newborn part-it's over so fast-but nothing beats a baby who continues to gain a little personality and share it with everyone around her!  Here are her teddy pictures!

Maya weighs 13 lbs 6 oz.  She's been gaining about a pound a month.  Definitely slowed down on the chub side, but she's still got the rolls to know she's healthy!

Maya is ALL SMILES.  Seriously, you look at her and she smiles at you.  You make any sort of noise and she giggles like crazy.  She's pure joy!

One of the biggest milestones she reached this month was rolling over from back to front.  I honestly thought and hoped I'd get a baby that wasn't as active as Sam was, but she was only 1 week shy of when Sam started rolling over.  Now I can't put her down on the bed or anywhere that she might roll into things anymore which has definitely made my life a smidge harder.  I do hope she doesn't start crawling before she learns to sit like Sam did.  I just need a kid that I can sit down with a bunch of toys to satisfy her. 

Speaking of toys, she has also started really grabbing things and putting them into her mouth.  The only problem with this is that she's not completely coordinated.  So, if she drops it, she can't always get it back and that gets pretty frustrating for her!  It's hilarious watching her though.  It's right in front of her face and she just doesn't know how to reach out and grab it.  She grunts and groans until one of us comes and fetches it for her.  So funny!

I'd like to claim that she's become a better sleeper (she's not a bad sleeper, but she just hasn't changed much since she was born) because she slept for a glorious 7 hours last night (11-6), but I have a feeling that was just because she had her 4 month shots yesterday, so she's extra sleepy.  We'll see.  

Maya LOVES her sister.  Anytime Samantha looks at her she just giggles and giggles.  Samantha is the only one that can get her that excited.  It's so precious watching them interact. 

That's it for this month (I always feel like I forget a million things when I go to write these!! Oh well.)  We've got cousins, aunties and uncles visiting next week and then we head down to Utah for the last two weeks of the month.  It should make for an exciting July!

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